Hello Claggett Creek Middle School Parents:

I am Officer Prall and I am the School Resource Officer assigned to the school. The 2016-2017 school year is upon us and I wanted to send out some information about dropping off and picking your child up from school.  With upwards of 950 students attending the school traffic congested in the morning while dropping your child off and picking them up after school can be very congested. The congestion usually occurs for about 15 to 20 minutes on most days. Sometimes it is longer if it is raining outside.

We want to keep all the students safe and sometimes they decide they want to dart across the street without using the cross walk between Weddle and Claggett Schools.

  • Please be aware that there are bike lanes on both sides of the street in front of the school. Traffic backs up with parents wanting to turn into the school and it is very dangerous and against the law to pass those vehicles with your vehicle in the bicycle lane.
  • When pulling in to drop your student off in front of the school there will be an area that is coned off. There is no parking allowed because this is a fire lane. You are welcome to stop and drop your child off at that location but have them prepared to quickly exit the vehicle.
  • We ask that you pull as far forward as you can toward the east doors of the school. This is the door to enter the school in the morning and helps to keep traffic off of Alder Dr NE possible.
  • There will be signs outside to assist stating “Pull forward” and “No parking”
  • Dropping your student off in the east parking lot so they can enter the east side of the school is another location.
  • When picking your child up from school try making a plan.
  • There will be no parking in the front of the school where it is coned off. Parents are allowed to drive through that area and if your child is out front you can stop and load quickly and then leave.
  • Parents you can also form a line to park and wait along the north staff parking area in front of the school. There has to be one lane left open for vehicles to pass through.
  • Weddle Grade School is another location that can be used to quickly park and pick up your student. Please find a parking slot and do not block the travel lane in the parking area.
  • The east side of Claggett Middle School is another place to park and have your child walk out to you.
  • Another area to pick up your child is around the park or on Pleasant View Dr NE to the east of the school and have your child walk to you.
  • Please do not drive around the back of the school. This is where the buses pick up students and sports teams are going to and from the fields.
  • Please be aware of the fire lanes because they need to be kept clear on all sides of the school.