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What is AVID?

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college, careers, and life. AVID helps schools to shift to a more equitable, student-centered approach. Established more than 30 years ago with one teacher in one classroom, AVID today serves 7,500 schools, 85,000 educators, and more than 2 million students each year.

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Claggett Creek AVID students
AVID's mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for success in a global society.

What is AVID @ CCMS?

AVID positively impacts all students at Claggett Creek Middle School by creating a college and career readiness system through our four AVID schoolwide domains of leadership, instruction, culture, and systems.

The educational benefits of AVID are not just for students selected into the AVID program – who are scheduled in an AVID Elective or AVID Excel elective class – but for ALL students at CCMS.

As a school, we support our school district vision that all students graduate and are prepared for a successful life. Our school mission is that all students at CCMS will graduate high school, ready for college or careers. To do this, many of the successful and effective learning and teaching strategies from AVID have been implemented by all teachers… in all classes… for all students. This ties back to the mission of AVID… to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

CCMS is proud to be an AVID National Demonstration School, and AVID Schoolwide Site of Distinction.

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Want more information about our AVID program? Contact our AVID CoordinatorJenna Becker.

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