CCMS Morning Announcements

Monday, Oct 31st



Students, the regular Claggett Creek Dress Code will be enforced as usual today. This means that Halloween costumes are not allowed at school! It is “business as usual” at CCMS. We also ask that students do not bring candy with them to class. If you brought candy to school, please leave it in your locker, and take it home at the end of the day.


JV football had a heartbreaking loss to Parrish Middle School 34-0. Elijah Saukov and Bradley Nuno had interceptions. Adam Garcia had many tackles and recovered a fumble on defense. Gavin Gasperini had several tackles for a loss. Joey Hernandez also played tough defense as usual.  The offensive backfield played hard and had several long runs.


This week Claggett Creek will play Whiteaker for both Volleyball and Football at McNary High School. The Volleyball games start at 3:30 at McNary tomorrow November 1st and the Football games start at 5:00pm McNary on Wednesday, November 2nd. Students are invited to attend both games and support your Claggett Creek Panthers. Students however must have their parents with them to attend both the Volleyball and Football games at McNary. Students attempting to attend without their parents will not be admitted into the games. So plan ahead and come support your Claggett Creek Panthers!!


Lady Panthers, if you are a 7th graders an interested in representing Claggett Creek Middle School for volleyball.  There are 16 spots left Sign–up by Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  All paperwork and physicals must be on file.  If you have any questions, please see Ms. Richardson.


Don’t forget 8th Graders, your Career Day is this Wednesday, November 2nd! Did you know that Mrs. Cain once wanted to be an opera singer, or compete in the Olympics on an equestrian jumper team. Mrs. Halter and Mrs. Shiffer both wanted to be artists. Ms. Parks once wanted to be a dolphin trainer.

Even our very own principal, Mr. Schoepper, had some lofty aspirations…

His 1st dream was to be a rock star, traveling the world and giving music to the people. That dream didn’t work out. His 2nd dream was to be a WWE wrestler, the people’s champion. We guess he had to settle for his 3rd dream…. being our principal at Claggett Creek Middle School!

Have a great day Panthers. Let’s get learning