6th Grade
• Jetta Mowery
• Victor Ayala
7th Grade
• Trinity Howery
• Jacob Scott
8th Grade
• Kathlyn Barbosa
• Hector Barrientos

Please come to the main office and claim your prize!!

From Mr. Mcavoy-I want to praise Nick the Custodian for the awesome job he does keeping this school so clean. I hear many people comment positively.
From Ms. Brenden- This is a shout out to Ms. Brenden’s 6th period Language arts class. Thursday afternoon after working on a quick write, they didn’t want to stop. When asked why, they all said they had so much more to write and wanted to get it down. This shows an energy in writing and utilizing their individual grit to finish their thoughts!
From Mr. Purdy- a big shout out to Danny Hunt for giving us the band room, for clinic last Friday!
Ms. Wilson would like to send out a big thank you to a few of her students. First, thank you Elia Romero, Marlene Rodriguez, Anet Quintero, and Jetta Mowrey for helping tidy up the classroom and staple packets at the end of the day. You ladies ask me every single day how you can help me during class and I really appreciate it! Also yesterday, Ethan Buik and Reagan Bickle stayed after class to put up all the leftover chairs up on desks and also put the dictionaries away in the cupboard. Thank you so much guys! My 6th graders rock!

And our last shout out is for all the 8th graders that presented for their group in science. Especially Gavino Barrera Cornejo!!!! His presentation was top notch! Way to go!

Have a great day panthers! Let’s get learning