CCMS Morning Announcements
Friday, November 4th

• Lucero Salazar
• Gerardo Portillo Tellez
• Karissa Sallee
• Kyler Rodriguez
• Annyzza Vasquez
• Manuel Avendano

Please come to the main office to claim your prizes!

From Mrs. Balcazar-Shout out to Ms. Morales for being THE BEST librarian! Thank you for helping her get a new projector and taking the time to contact technology.
From Varsity football team- Shout out to Mrs. Nichols, KJ, Mr. Wilkerson and Mr. Krause for helping out during the Varsity football game on Wednesday night! It really means a lot to the players to have your support!
From Mrs. Shiffer- A huge shout out to the Leadership Veteran’s Day Committee for their hard work preparing for this important event!
From Mrs. Greer- Thank you to the eight wonderful AVID 7th grade volunteers for helping out on Career Day-Layton Frakes, Haily Gommell, Evan Cornell, Hugo Espinosa, Hanalicia Guerrero, Anita Navarro, Emilio Ordonez, Dakota Dunnigan. You guys are appreciated!!!

From Mrs. Quillin – Shout out to our wonderful school counselors for putting on a great career day! The speakers were great and the kiddos did an exceptional job!
Shout out to Mrs. Quillin’s science classes. 8th graders! You did such a great job on our quiz last week. That lets me know you are completing our workshop in class and taking your education seriously! Way to go! High school is right around the corner! So proud of you!
From Mrs. Monygomery-I would like to do a shout out to Caden Taylor for always looking to be helpful to others: staff and students
I would like to do a shout out to Hayley Sanders who always strives to go the extra mile in social studies.
Students, the book fair will be here on Monday, November 14th. Please come and shop before school, during lunch and after school. We will also be open during parent/teacher conferences. This year, we were able to bring Margaret Peterson Haddix to CLaggett, with the money raised from the book fair. Please support the fair, so that we can bring another author to Claggett next year.

Overdue/lost Books-Students, please turn in your overdue or lost books. We have a lot of students waiting to check out certain titles and can’t do it, because some of you have not turned your book in. Please turn in or renew books every 2 weeks.Please see Ms.Morales for more information.

Hey, students in Mrs. DeLapp’s & Mr. Taylor’s 2nd & 5th period FACS class, listen up! Your class is changing at the 9 weeks, which starts next Monday, November 7th. If you are currently with Mrs. DeLapp in Room 110, you will go to Mr. Taylor in Room 111. If you are currently with Mr. Taylor in Room 111, you will go to Mrs. DeLapp in Room 110.

You will not get a printed copy of your new schedule, so make sure you write the updated information in your Student Planner. Enjoy the last 9 weeks of the semester in your new class!

Have a great day Panthers. Let’s get learning!