Claggett Creek students and staff work hard every day to keep our school a safe and successful place to learn. One of the ways we continue to work towards our vision that all students will graduate high school, ready for college or careers is to continue to create an atmosphere for learning. At Claggett Creek we set clear expectations and look for opportunities to celebrate and reward the great work that our students are doing. We continue to focus on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports aimed at teaching, practicing and rewarding students for their positive behavior. Specifically, at Claggett Creek this looks several ways, one of which is looking for students who show FIRE by being Respectful, Responsible, and Safe and rewarding those actions with FIRE tickets or Positive Panther Posts.
As we start a new semester, we will revisit our school-wide expectations specifically in three focus areas: Hallways, Commons, and Restrooms. Staff will be re-teaching these school-wide expectations and we look forward to providing students the opportunity to practice these as well. The specific areas and expectations we will focus on at the start of Semester 2 are attached in the documents below. We welcome parent involvement and look forward to giving parents information as we continue in this work. If you have questions feel free to connect with Jen Williams, Assistant Principal.