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Student-Led Spring Conferences | Conferencias de Primavera Dirigidas por Estudiantes

Spring Conferences will be student-led, and in-person at CCMS with the student’s Advisory teacher for a 30-minute block of time. There will be time to meet or visit with other teachers after the conference block.

CCMS Panthers were given a Spring Conference Family Information Letter in Advisory class on Monday, March 13th to bring home to their parent/guardian/caregiver. The letter explains how to sign up for conferences and choose a preferred time block. The letter needs to be brought back to school and given to the Advisory teacher by Friday, March 17th so a conference date/time can be scheduled.

Don’t have a letter? CLICK HERE to download to view and/or print the information. Families can also email their student’s Advisory teacher to schedule their conference.

CCMS Panthers will bring home a scheduled time card to share with their families with their assigned conference block time. Students will complete a conference script in their classes prior to conferences so they are prepared to lead their student-led conference later this month. We look forward to welcoming our students and families to our building for in-person student-led conferences!

There is no school for students Wednesday-Friday, March 22-24. Spring Break is Monday-Friday, March 27-31. Students return to school on Monday, April 3. The schedule for that day will be an Advisory First schedule as students will pick up a printed copy of their Trimester 3 schedule & new student planner from their Advisory teacher.

Las conferencias de primavera serán dirigidas por estudiantes y en persona en CCMS con el maestro asesor del estudiante durante un bloque de tiempo de 30 minutos. Habrá tiempo para reunirse o visitar a otros maestros después del bloque de conferencias.

Los Panteras de CCMS recibieron una Carta de información familiar de la conferencia de primavera en la clase de asesoramiento el Lunes 13 de Marzo para llevar a casa a sus padres/tutores/cuidadores. La carta explica cómo inscribirse en conferencias y elegir un bloque de tiempo preferido. La carta debe ser devuelta a la escuela y entregada al maestro asesor antes del Viernes 17 de Marzo para que se pueda programar una fecha/hora de conferencia.

¿No tienes una carta? HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para descargar para ver y/o imprimir la información. Las familias también pueden enviar un correo electrónico al maestro asesor de su estudiante para programar su conferencia.

Los Panteras de CCMS traerá a casa una tarjeta de tiempo programado para compartir con sus familias con su bloque de tiempo de conferencia asignado. Los estudiantes completarán un guión de conferencia en sus clases antes de las conferencias para que estén preparados para dirigir su conferencia dirigida por estudiantes a finales de este mes. ¡Esperamos dar la bienvenida a nuestros estudiantes y familias a nuestro edificio para conferencias en persona dirigidas por estudiantes!

No hay clases para los estudiantes del Miércoles al Viernes del 22 al 24 de marzo. Las vacaciones de primavera son de Lunes a Viernes, del 27 al 31 de Marzo. Los estudiantes regresan a la escuela el Lunes 3 de Abril. El horario para ese día será un horario de donde Aesoramiento es Primero, ya que los estudiantes recogerán una copia impresa de su horario del 3er Trimestre y la nueva agenda de estudiantes de su maestro asesor.

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High school athletic officials needed – Register today!

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) has an urgent need for sports officials throughout the state, including Salem-Keizer.

Those 18 and older who enjoy being part of the game, supporting their community, and setting their own schedule as an independent contractor are ideal candidates for these flexible positions.

Applicants can expect to receive an Officials Packet and complete required certification and training from their local association.

Visit the OSAA registration page to sign up and learn more about the timeline for registering and testing.

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Think before you post

When schools receive hoax threats, rumors of threats, and when there is a spread of false information, learning environments are disrupted and and there is understandably increased fear in our community.

Safety is our top priority

The safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and families is our top priority. Maintaining safety in our schools requires an ongoing partnership with school staff, students, families, law enforcement and the surrounding community.

Safety is critical, and our district fully investigates each threat in collaboration with the FBI and/or our state and local law enforcement partners.

Issuing a threat is a crime

As a district, we have investigated a number of hoax threats of targeted violence against local schools. These threats—often issued via text message or posted on social media—are taken very seriously. Our law enforcement partners investigate every tip to ensure the safety of our students, staff and community. Hoax threats can result in both arrest by law enforcement and/or suspension or expulsion by the school district. Hoax threats are not a joke, and they can have devastating consequences—both for the public and for those who post them.

Issuing a threat—even over social media, via text message, verbally, through email, or other means—is a crime. Please share with your kids and those in your community that making a threat is a poor choice that could impact them for years to come.

Threats impact our entire community

In addition to the individual consequences a person may face, these threats have a serious impact on our community. They divert district resources from providing support for students and disrupt the learning environment for hundreds of students. Law enforcement resources are diverted from investigating other crimes, and they cost taxpayers a lot of money. The threats can also cause severe emotional distress to students, school staff and families.

Things to remember

Don’t share or forward a threat until law enforcement has a chance to investigate—this can spread misinformation and cause panic.

  • Don’t ever post or send any hoax threats online
  • If you are the target of an online threat, call your local law enforcement immediately
  • Salem Police Department Non-Emergency 503-588-6123
  • Keizer Police Department Non-Emergency 503-390-2000
  • Marion County Sheriff’s Office 503-588-5032

If you see a threat of violence posted online, contact local law enforcement or call 1-800-CALL-FBI. You can also submit information online to the FBI on the FBI’s website.

Use SafeOregon by calling or sending a text to 844-472-3367 anytime. Tips also can be emailed or made through the SafeOregon app.

Remember – a hoax threat is no joke. Think before you post.

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School Safety Systems in Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Student Safety - Resources and Information

School Safety Systems in Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Video: School Safety and Emergency Procedures

Learn about safety protocols and emergency procedures implemented in all Salem-Keizer schools. Safety and security staff and district leadership were joined by local and state law enforcement agency partners to share information with the community. This was one of three safety sessions held this year about student safety in our schools. The other two sessions held were Student Voices, We All Belong and Social Media and Online Safety.

School Safety and Emergency Procedures – Presentation

School Safety and Emergency Procedures – Questions & Answers

Talking to children and teens about violence

At Salem-Keizer Public Schools, the safety of our students is our absolute top priority. Below are resources and information on the safety and security systems in place across the district.

Talking to students about violence

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Families and Educators (English)

Talking to students about violence (English)

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers (English)

Talking to students about violence (Spanish)

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers (Spanish)

More resources

Web articles

Oregon Public Broadcasting radio interview

Courtenay McCarthy, a school psychologist at the Salem-Keizer school district, explains how the Salem-Keizer program works and the impact it’s having in Salem and beyond.

Fake fentanyl

Oregon has lost several students to fentanyl in the last few years. Linked below are fact sheets to help educate students, parents and the community about the dangers of fake pills made from deadly fentanyl. Learn more

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Our children in today’s world have unique emotional and behavioral needs unlike anything we have seen before. This is not unique to Salem-Keizer. Schools across the country are seeing similar needs for support of students. At Salem-Keizer, we work to address the needs of our students through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. These systems allow us to provide the right support for each student to address their emotional, behavioral, mental, and academic needs.

Behavioral Threat Assessment

Our team of specialists partners with agencies across Marion, Polk, and Yamhill Counties to identify students who may be exhibiting indicators of extreme aggression toward others, and we provide wraparound services like safety planning and mental health support to address those students’ needs.

Salem-Keizer’s behavioral threat assessment system is used by other school districts around the country. Below are some recent discussions in the media that provide a description of how our system works.

Partnering with Law Enforcement

We work side by side with the Keizer Police Department, Salem Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office both in and out of our schools. When any concern for our school’s safety or a threat is reported, they move swiftly to investigate. It is very important to talk with children about the consequences of making any type of threat, which can range from a minimum of disciplinary action at school to criminal charges.

You can learn more about our school safety systems and procedures, including collaboration with our local law enforcement partners by viewing our recent safety series webinar.


Salem-Keizer Public Schools is an active member of SafeOregon, which gives kids, parents, schools, and community members a confidential way to report safety threats or potential acts of violence. Managed by the Oregon State Police, this program has proven to prevent acts of violence. I encourage you to download the mobile app on your phone, and on your child’s phone as well. You can also call or text 844-472-3367 anytime.

COVID-19 Dashboard

When a positive case of COVID-19 is identified within the school setting, we work closely with the local public health authority to ensure that the person diagnosed with COVID-19 follows instructions for isolation and remains away from others until they can safely return to school.

Families will receive a weekly notification on Saturdays about COVID-19 cases in schools with a link to this dashboard.

Improving safety and security through capital improvements

The 2018 bond program is improving safety and security across the district. Thirty-six of our schools are receiving renovations to the front entry to improve the office staff’s ability to monitor and control who enters the front entrance. Most of those improvements will be in the form of a secured check-in space at the front entry. Schools are also receiving upgrades to electronic badge access systems and to intercom systems, which will be able to send messages directly into classrooms.

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It’s time to complete online registration & enrollment verification | Es hora de completar el registro y la verificación de inscripción en línea

Registration information in Chuukese PDF


Registration information in Russian PDF


It’s time to complete the registration/enrollment verification process for the 2021-22 school year! Completing this process early ensures our district can best prepare for staffing, program offerings and more.

Steps to complete online registration & enrollment verification

(1.) Gather needed documents:

  1. Proof of age (new student)
  2. Proof of address (new students)
  3. Immunization records

*If you are unable to provide any of the following documentation, you can still complete online registration. Your school will work with you individually to meet the needs of your student for enrolling in school. We welcome all students and families regardless of nationality, place of birth or other circumstances.

(2.) Log-in to ParentVUE:

Online registration and enrollment verification is done through a program called “ParentVUE.” Families will have one ParentVUE account for all students in their family.

If you have never used ParentVUE before, follow these steps to complete the activation process.

(3.) Complete Registration

Families can complete registration completely online through a desktop or mobile device. If you need assistance, please contact your child’s school. If a paper form is needed to complete registration, your school can assist with this.

During the registration process, families will register for school as well as elect if they want their child to attend in-person learning through their resident school or access instruction through the EDGE online program.

¡Es hora de completar el proceso de verificación de registro e inscripción para el año escolar 2021-22! Completar este proceso de forma temprana asegura que nuestro distrito pueda prepararse mejor para la dotación de personal, las ofertas de programas y más.

Pasos para completar el registro y la verificación de inscripción en línea

(1.) Reúna los documentos necesarios:

  1. Prueba de edad (estudiante nuevo)
  2. Comprobante de domicilio (estudiantes nuevos)
  3. Registros de inmunización

*Si no puede proporcionar la siguiente documentación, aún puede completar el registro en línea. Su escuela trabajará con usted individualmente para satisfacer las necesidades de su estudiante para inscribirse en la escuela. Les damos la bienvenida a todos los estudiantes y las familias independientemente de su nacionalidad, lugar de nacimiento u otras circunstancias.

(2.) Ingrese en ParentVUE:

El registro en línea y la verificación de la inscripción se realiza a través de un programa llamado

Si nunca ha usado ParentVUE, siga estos pasos para completar el proceso de activación.

(3.) Complete el registro

Las familias pueden completar el registro completamente en línea a través de un computador un dispositivo móvil. Si necesita ayuda, comuníquese con la escuela de su estudiante. Si se necesita un formulario en papel para completar el registro, su escuela puede ayudar con esto.

Durante el proceso de inscripción, las familias se inscribirán en la escuela y elegirán si quieren que su estudiante asista al aprendizaje en persona a través de su escuela de residencia o tenga acceso a la instrucción a través del programa en línea EDGE.

Enrolling a new student

This video is for families who are new to Salem-Keizer Public Schools and do not have an active ParentVUE account.

Enrollment verification

This video is for families who have previously enrolled students in Salem-Keizer Public Schools and have an active ParentVUE account.

Go to the ParentVue webpage

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EDGE Family Information Nights 2021-22 | ¿Está considerando EDGE para el año escolar 2021-22? Obtenga más información y asista al evento informativo familiar

Event flyer and registration information

Flyer in Chuukese


English flyer


Marshallese flyer


Russian flyer


Spanish flyer


Salem-Keizer Public Schools will continue offering the online-only Enhanced Digital Guided Education (EDGE) program for the 2021-22 school year. Students who are in EDGE will remain connected to their resident school while receiving online instruction by Salem-Keizer’s EDGE teachers.

Starting in the fall of 2021, EDGE students can choose between two learning pathways to best meet the needs of individual students and their families. One option is called EDGE Connected, which includes daily, teacher-led instruction. The other option is EDGE Independent, which is student-paced with teacher oversight and offers a more flexible schedule.

  • EDGE Connected: Includes daily, teacher-led instruction
  • EDGE Independent: Student-paced with teacher oversight and offers a more flexible schedule.

Watch video recordings of EDGE info night events:

SKPS continuará ofreciendo solo en línea el Programa de Educación Guiada Digital (EDGE, por sus siglas en inglés) para el año escolar 2021-22. Los estudiantes que están en EDGE permanecerán conectados a su escuela de residencia mientras reciben instrucción en línea por parte de los maestros EDGE de Salem-Keizer.

A partir del otoño de 2021, los estudiantes de EDGE pueden elegir entre dos modalidades de aprendizaje para satisfacer mejor las necesidades individuales de los estudiantes y sus familias. Una opción se llama EDGE Connected, que incluye instrucción diaria dirigida por el maestro. La otra opción es EDGE Independent, que se adapta al ritmo de los estudiantes con la supervisión del maestro y ofrece un horario más flexible.

Detalles importantes que debe conocer para el año escolar 2021-22

  • Todos los estudiantes de EDGE del kínder al grado 12 estarán en el mismo horario para períodos de calificaciones, conferencias, etc. independientemente del aprendizaje a través de EDGE connected o EDGE independent.
  • Se proporcionarán servicios de educación especial y desarrollo del idioma inglés para estudiantes talentosos y dotados a todos los estudiantes que necesiten apoyo.

Vea grabaciones de video de eventos nocturnos de información EDGE:

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