Dr. Francisco Jimenez, author of The Circuit, honored Claggett Creek AVID families on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, as the keynote speaker for our annual AVID Family Night. Students and their families gathered to hear Dr. Jimenez share personal stories about his life growing up in a migrant family during the 1950’s. Along with his parents and two brothers, Jimenez immigrated to the United States from Mexico in the 1940’s ultimately in search for a better life. As he described growing up in the fields, working alongside his parents, Dr. Jimenez explained how they instilled deep values of respect, determination, faith, and hard work stating, “All work is noble work.” It was through this hard work and the encouragement of both his family and his teachers that he went on to graduate from Santa Clara University with his Bachelor’s Degree and continued his education by receiving his Master’s Degree and Ph. D. from Columbia University. During his life he has marched with Cesar Chavez and still devotes his time to teaching at Santa Clara as well as to other school districts and organizations in California encouraging students in their education journey.

During the evening he thanked parents for being involved in their child’s education, teachers for continuing to believe in their students, and encouraged students to never give up on their dreams.

Then, on Thursday and Friday in both grade level assemblies and class visits, Dr. Jimenez spent time again sharing real life stories of his growing up and education journey which inspired many of the stories he has published. Students, most of whom have been reading and studying his writing, had the opportunity to ask questions about his life, his career, as well as his writing. During the day Mr. Ben Dalgas’ Heritage Spanish class spoke with him using their native Spanish language. When the class was over, students were so inspired and shared personal stories of how their own families came to the United States.

Thank you again Dr. Francisco Jimenez for such an inspiring visit! In only a few, short days you encouraged and motivated our students and families in their educational journeys and leave Claggett Creek Middle School a better place. We are truly humbled and grateful for the impact you have made on this community!