Thanks to voters’ approval of a bond measure in 2018, schools all across the district are receiving expansions and/or improvements.

The district is finishing the third year of construction under the bond program. To date, 90% of architectural design work is complete, and 63% of planned construction is substantially complete, meaning the spaces are ready to be used for school operations. Fifty-four out of the district’s 60 school sites are either in architectural design, under construction, or substantially complete.

At Claggett Creek, bond improvements were complete in the fall of 2020. Claggett Creek received two new science classrooms, an expanded cafeteria, intercom system upgrades, improvements in the library-media center, and more.

All schools in the district will receive some level of improvement under the bond. The following table gives a summary of the status of work at schools in the McNary High School feeder system.

School Project start Project end Status
McNary High Summer 2019 Fall 2020 Complete
Claggett Creek Middle Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Complete
Whiteaker Middle Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Complete
Clear Lake Elementary Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Complete
Cummings Elementary Summer 2020 Winter 2020 Complete
Forest Ridge Elementary Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Not yet started
Gubser Elementary Spring 2019 Fall 2019 Complete
Keizer Elementary Summer 2022 Fall 2023 In design
Kennedy Elementary Summer 2021 Fall 2022 In construction
Weddle Elementary Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Complete

Many schools across Salem in the district’s five other high school feeder systems are also in various phases of construction or complete.

Thank you, voters, for providing relief for overcrowding, increased safety and security, expanded career and technical (vocational) education opportunities, and more for our students.

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